Fairytale and Adventure Park

Adventure Park Ruhpolding

Take a ride on the back of the giant dragon Siegfried, test your courage on the “Cave Slides”, ride deep into the Ruhpoldinger Crystal Mine, take a ride on the Bavarian Stag Train or swing on the dragon. This park guaranted fun for the whole family, even if the weather is bad.

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Fairy-tale Adventure Park Marquartstein

Here you will find all types of play possibilities from trampolines to rip cords. Not only for babies, children and teenager, also for parents there are plenty of sport possibilities such as the Treadmill Carrosel the Bicycle Ferris Wheel or the summer tabbogan slide.

Location and Directions

In about 45 minutes by car you can reach both theme parks via the motorway (toll free) across the border to Germany. A great day for the whole family with a lot of fun and excitement for the children. Suited in summer or depending on the opening time in winter when even the sun does not shine as nice for swimming or skiing.

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